Saturday, August 6, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

Well, hello there!!! How are you? What's going on in your world? I'm actually stalling a bit.
(Still staring out the window)
(Oh look a bird)
I got the laundry done. Yay.
Ok, fine. I'll talk about what I should be accomplishing. DJ's room looks like a bomb went off. I'm a pretty neat and organized person and I have given up. I'm taking him back on the 15the(expect a blogging break) and we need to decide what goes, what gets donated from his room, what gets pitched, and what am I dragging to IN. This is a major job and it seems that I don't have the urge to really do it. We also need to shop for his crap and once again, I'm dragging my feet. It's so bad that he is pestering me. We were supposed to go the other night and shop and then I decided to pool drink. I rarely get like this. He's a good kid, like Dean's List sort of kid but I can't get my head in the game. I'm just putting laundry and everything else that I think of in piles on the dressers in his room and walking off. He's never met the uninterested/lazy mom. Maybe I'm just fat and old? Or maybe it is too hot? My bestie said we are both going through the change at the same time. Den wants her hubs to move in here and me go live with her if that is the problem.  We would be clean/ well fed/ happy and the men would smell. So it sounds like a plan to me. I/m sure that I will get it sorted. I read blogs all the time where the mom pulls off something miraculous in the last seconds of the game. I'm hoping for that sort of miracle. I wonder where the pre-planning/over-planning/hyper-organized Sonya went. I should be worried but I can't muster the energy. LOL. Please tell me that this happens to you once in a while?

And a super excited YAY!! Francis is back!!!! Run over and read her post about her little town. Urban Cowboy was filmed there. We get occasional shooting here, does that count?
So do you get shootings by you? Do you have film crews pop over to your little part of the world? Are you being lazy?
Not changing,
Sonya Ann


Treaders said...

But that is your pièce de résistance. Feigning ennui and then pulling it all off at the last minute. So move in with your buddy and let the men smell! I could do that! And good luck to DJ. A

Practical Parsimony said...

In this heat, lazy is the only way to survive! You will hate yourself for any more procrastination, so get up and get the kid ready. If I had been married when I went through menopause, I would have killed a husband.

SAM said...

No energy and full of apathy here. Vacation in a week and mu whole house looks like bomb went off plus back decided to be misbehaving.Do you and friend have room for a third?

Elephant's Child said...

Lazy here. Without the excuse of heat.
Good luck.

Rachel said...

My body is making me be lazy and it is driving me nuts. I want to at least get the house clean so that when I have my surgery I won't be embarrassed when people come over. I was able to clean out our tiny bathroom today but was exhausted after. Hubby is hoping and praying when they do my hysterectomy that I can keep my ovaries because he doesn't want me to go into menopause just yet.

Anne in the kitchen said...

My theory is after the first semester of their freshman year, we as moms, are off the hook for anything other than transportation, unless they ask for help and are willing to be a part of the process. Of course, as My Beloved Sister says, I have a dark heart!