Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Forgive the nuttiness/scattered/ramblings of this post.
Cheapchick sorted my problems and I feel as if I should pay her for therapy. Perhaps, DJ wasn't such a monster and I was dreading him leaving. He's the last kid to go and I know that he won't be coming back. I may have spent some time crying this week and sorting more. And see, the kids always said that I didn't have tear ducts or emotions.
The kids turned out and now I have to really let go. I'm in a better place emotionally. I'll go visit them and sleep on their couches. Perhaps drink their liquor. I'll plan trips so that helps.
Den is in madness at work. People keep retiring or leaving and they replace no one. He's doing the best he can with little help from others. He's miserable. Even beer isn't helping.
Anna is rocking it as a teacher. She was always the sort of person that needed action and boy, did she get it. Third graders will keep you hopping. I'm so very proud of her and I miss her. Den promised that we will go out and see her. And DJ. Maybe he can see my emotions more than I can.
I've sorted most of the new car junk. Bleck.
Den said to me once that everyone gets super powers even if they don't know it. He can tell what foods a person hates even if they don't tell him. He says its a stupid super power. My super power is to fry out electronics when I'm stressed. Guess what? My phone is acting up. You know the phone I use as a GPS so I can find my way to Ball State. WTF!!!!! I'm an E.M.P. Den said that is a way cooler super power. Ummmm, no. It's just an expensive super power.
And with everything else going on, I'm house sitting for my inlaws. Yay.
Don't ask about the bills. Just don't.
And everyone run over and tell sluggy that she is loved!!! She is going through a rough time. I LOVE YOU SLUGGY!!!!! People come and go but the good ones stick around. Your crazy ass isn't getting rid of me. Lucky you!!!
Do you have a super power? Bet you thought mine was to drink, didn't ya? Are your running around like a nut? Is your world off-center?
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

Hell, I am no Dr Phil, just a great guess. Your life seems as busy as mine - what's your secret? I seem to be going to bed at a toddlers bedtime just to keep up with mine right now.

slugmama said...

Thanks for the love cousin!
So ask Den what foods I hate. Would love to know if he can nail that down.

Janie Junebug said...

My world is off center. I never doubted your love for DJ for a second. Ask Den which foods I'm allergic to.


Jane said...

My almost 26 year old is wearing my patience very thin. I think she should have been out of her own for several years now and sometimes I dream that she is gone!! And then I wake up. But I know I will truly miss her when she does finally fall out of the nest as we've been buddies for such a long time. It's natural to want them to get on with their lives and then tough when they do!!

rivulet said...

I like your superpower! I mean it'd be nice if you could get some super hero gloves or something, like Rouge has so that you wouldn't fry out your own electronics and then you could just use your EMP powers against the evil in this world but hey, every superhero has to figure out how to use their powers before they get really good at it. At least you've identified your strength... although Den's super power is really pretty cool too :)

Right now I'm feeling like my husband and you may be related but his super power has to do with breaking cars, like four car repairs on the same car in a matter of three weeks. I hate cars! Darn cars and electronics!!!

Out My window said...

Hey you will recover from this last one leaving and then you will be so excited when they visit and when they LEAVE! Trust me. I love Sluggy and she can't get rid of me either.

Elephant's Child said...

Superpower? It is a very, very small one. And invisible.

Practical Parsimony said...

Ha, I need a superpower! Right now, what power I have is ripping my joints apart. The bones won't break, so I guess anyone hitting me in the head would be shocked I survived. please don't come hit me in the head.

debbie said...

I may not write on my blog like ever but sluggish is never getting rid of me we live in the same state she's further up then me

debbie said...

Slugy stupid spell check