Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Schnitzel Chili

It took me long enough but I finally got the pool crystal clear. I mean we only close it in a month. No biggie, right?
Den got home on Friday afternoon and we did nothing. I like doing nothing! So does he! DJ wanted to have pool party on Saturday so we made him do all the yard work. We really are that bad.
Saturday, we went back to our favorite little fruit and vegetable stand for some yummy peaches.
Then Den and I hit a few garage sales. It seems that the garage sale season has pretty much passed us by. It was slim pickings but we still got a few things. We spent $9.25 for a necklace, 2 baskets, 5 movies and a hamper for DJ. Mind you, we still don't have the stuff for DJ's apartment yet. I quit trying to help him. Best of luck to ya, kid. Can you tell that I am ready to ship him off yet? Bless him.
Sunday, we left DJ home to pick up after his party. Not that it was a big mess but some alone time was needed. Again, bless the boy.
We went to Milwaukee and hit German Fest. There were some seriously pasty white people there. I stuck out. Den fit in perfect.
The view of Lake Michigan was stunning and there was a much needed breeze.

Schnitzels and Giggles was an awesome name for a stand!!! We had so much good food, chicken, breaded pork, potato salad and FRIED DONUTS!!!!!!! And as an added bonus, on the back of the booklets we got at German Fest there was $15 in free play from the casino. And who could turn that down!?!?!?!  We shot over to the casino and played. Den won $10 and I lost $7. We ended up $3. I felt rich.
Then we went home and Den made chili. And it was good!
How was your weekend? Did you go to any fests?  Did you make your son do all the yard work?
Sonya Ann


Rachel said...

My weekend was spent on the couch in pain and in the ER. Not the way I thought my weekend would be (was supposed to go to our state fair to see Kenny Rogers in concert). Now I get to look forward to surgery in the future....I think you had a much better weekend than I did.

SAM said...

I was really completely lazy this weekend. I finally got around to grocery shopping last night-did a little cooking, but not much. and a little shopping. I'm ok with how lazy I was. Miss our trip to Milwaukee since the second kid graduated back in December 2012. It was such a regular place to go for almost 6 years, and now it is going on four years since we were there. Too bad so much of the city is a crap hole-it really could be a gem.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love the name Schnitzels and Giggles. It sounds like the name of a joint in some gumshoe detective novel.
And good for you for the tough love "if you're going to have a party you're going to do the prep and clean-up". Not mean at all.
We sent Son3 off to his first college apt with nothing but a mattress and springs, mainly because he was uninterested in looking for anything the one weekend we were in NYC. (2 weekends before he move in ) So he had a rather Spartan existence for quite a while. He did finally learn that he could do a boatload of thrifting and bartering with graduating students who did not want to move a bunch of used furniture out of the city.

Practical Parsimony said...

I was mainly nursing my burned arm and trying to get some sleep through the pain. I am going to the farmer's market as soon as I finish this post since it has quit raining. This next weekend, I promise myself I am going to some yard sales. Mean moms like you usually rear responsible kids.

McVal said...

What a great stand! and BLESS that child! He should know by now what he needs for school. Doncha think?

Elephant's Child said...

How I would love to have someone I could make do the yard work. And the housework...

Michelle said...

The son does do the yard work! lol

cheryl soergel said...

My son does all yard work. He is only 19, works three to four days a week,home from college, and uses a riding mower. Not sending my 64 yr.old dh out there. Cheryl

Jill said...

Your pool looks great! What do you treat yours with? We are new pool owners, lol. Looks like a fun festival and awesome deals! I just did a post about recent yard sales we went to and what we found for the girls :-)


Practical Parsimony said...

No son here. No one does the yardwork!