Monday, August 22, 2016

Star Piss

Some people rescue animals(Well, I do that too) but I mostly like to save flowers. These were dying at Walmart a few years ago and I snagged them. My flower smart MIL told me these are dianthus. I say they are red flowers but who am I to argue. Oh wait, I argue a lot. We all have our strong suits.
She told me a while ago if you trim them after all of the flowers are dead, they will bloom again. Ok, I stored that in the back of my mind. Actually, I forgot it and then everyone was coming over for the 4th of July and they looked terrible. So I chopped off the dead part and low and behold, more flowers bloomed later.
Speaking of Den's side of the family, they all went to Alabama for a quick trip. My nephew got stung by a jelly fish and his brother loved nothing more than to piss on him. I think this might need to be made into a Christmas card.
Speaking of Christmas, I think I found a gift for Anna. She said getting into a car in AZ is miserable. I mean who couldn't use a Star Wars car visor!!!!!!
What's up with you? You peed on anyone lately? You chopped the heads off anything today?
Sonya Ann
PS-Sluggy is having another giveaway!! Run over there and tell her to pick me. Ok fine, you can enter too!!!


Practical Parsimony said...

That picture is really hilarious. I wonder if anyone has ever taken a picture like this--kid peeing on a jellyfish sting. Yeah, I would frame it.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I have not intentionally peed on anyone in a long long long time. And that is the perfect Christmas Card!

McVal said...

lol!!! An actual picture of someone peeing on a jelly fish sting!
We were caravan'ing in a car with my mom and dad and my sister was in a van ahead of us. One of her kids had to relieve himself, so they pulled over and we pulled over behind them. My mom was so tickled that she took a picture of him. I can't WAIT to go through her photos and see if I can find that one!

Elephant's Child said...

That would make the BEST card.

Rachel said...

That is pretty funny. And I agree it would make the perfect Christmas card.

Cheapchick said...

Love the brother peeing on brother picture, that would be great to show at a future wedding of either of them :) I have to de-flower my marigolds all the time so they continue to flower.

Michelle said...

LOL! The pee picture is frame-worthy. A must have for some wall decor.

Practical Parsimony said...

About 15 years ago, a guy was with me when I bought a brown plant with about six tiny green leaves at the center. It was a wave petunia about 24 inches across. Well, he went home that day and returned a week later.

In the meantime I took scissors and cut off all the brown stems and dead leaves, repotted it and fed it some fertilizer, watering it every day.

When he returned the next week, I proudly asked him how he like my new plant that by now was growing new leaves and had flowers. He said, "Well, it sure looks better than that dead one you bought last week!"

When I told him it was the same plant, he was amazed. wondering "how did you do that? It was dead!"

Janie Junebug said...

I had to read a blog post with such an enticing title. No golden showers for me, please.