Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wooden Toe

This is a blurry picture of Indian food!!!! I was so excited, I took a crap picture. LOL.
Aldi has the Indian food kits back and I loaded up. I bought enough kits to make it once a month for a year. The tikka masala and the vindaloo rock!! And the kits are only $1.99 each.
Oh and we pool drank Friday. It was probably our last swim of the year. The temperature isn't going to be high enough to support life pretty soon. ;p
Saturday, Den, Donna(my MIL) and I were going to go to Irish fest but the weather wasn't cooperating so we did the only sane thing and hit the casino in Milwaukee. We all ate for free at Ru-Yi and then played for a few hours. We all walked out even so I would say it was a pretty good day. Den hit for $200 twice and was kind enough to share with both of us. My MIL hot for $100 and I hit for $28. I was the problem in the group.
On the way home, we went to Woodmans in Kenosha. It is one of the few place my MIL can get the coffee that my FIL loves. They also have an amazing liquor store. I mean, we just had to go. I found a new drink, its called Mike's Harder-mango. Long story short, we came home, I drank a few not realizing that the alcohol content was much higher and managed to stub my toe on the couch and break it. Den laughed really hard, me not so much.
Sunday, I woke up and somehow managed to put my shirt on backwards and then headed out. I'm just great.
We hit the Red School cafe first.
The food was yummy even with my shirt on the wrong way.
Next we hit the adorable produce stand in WI. Yummy corn and peaches!!!! Go us.
Then we went to the barn sale that is just down the road. It's quite scary there. I feel as if I need a shower and a tetanus shot afterward.
Den always manages to get in my shots. How cool is this old stove? I felt sorry for it sitting out in the elements but my guess is it won't be there long.
We hit a few garage sales after the barn sale. We spent $18 for all this. Den keeps bringing life jackets to the owners of the camp site that he goes to. They are just scraping by. He has his moments, doesn't he?
We scored 3 life jackets, 2 pieces of cedar, 2 watering globes, and some sort of fishing/net ladder thing-y.
As we were leaving the garage sale where we got the wood, I said to Den," She gave you wood." I thought I said it softly. I have been informed that I never say anything softly. Well, the woman heard me, repeated it loudly and then laughed for a long time. For me being so funny, I received the "shut the hell up" look from my hubs. Being made fun of builds character, Den has a TON of character.
I finally got real watering globes!!!! $1 for both is awesome!!!!
Sunday night, we barbecued and ate yummy steak and corn. I was happy!
What did you do this weekend? Did you make fun of Den? Did you snap a toe? Did you find a new favorite drink?
Wood giver,
Sonya Ann


Janie Junebug said...

I did not get drunk and snap a toe, but I never miss an opportunity to make fun of Den. I wanted the stove the second I saw the photo, not that I have any place to put it, but it looks so cool. The watering globes are great. I've never seen any before. It's difficult for me to imagine that your swimming days are ending. We had a brief break from the heat and humidity, like it was eighty-nine degrees instead of ninety-nine, but we're back to hotter than hell.


Elephant's Child said...

Sigh on the broken toe front. I have done that a few times without the alcohol anaesthetic.
Indian food? Yum.

SAM said...

I'm a regular toe stubber and it hurts like a sob! I was whining in my post about summer ending-maybe I need to try my luck at the casino-I could just give money to them and make it quicker.

Cheapchick said...

I agree with Sam. If I go to the casino I am best off just handing the money over. Sorry to hear about your toe, that's a bitch. Better in summer though when you can wear sandals. Perhaps you need to give Den shit for letting you leave your house with your shirt on backwards? I mean that's his job right?