Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Boring Bunny

Look at our adorable little bunny. He is so cute!
It was an uneventful weekend and that's a good thing. We poked around on Friday, went to the library, and out to eat with my inlaws. It's library season again. I'm not a fan of the cold but it is nice not to have so much yard work.
Saturday, we invited our friends, Donna and Steve over for dinner. Den spent most of the day cooking German food. He really loves Rouladen. He ran out to buy some groceries and bought a 10 lb bag of carrots for $6. He was quite proud of that.
We drank a bit Saturday night and had some awesome food. It was a fun night.
Sunday, I did household chores while Den played the game he rented from the library. We have a lot of clean blankets and comforters in the house now.
We did take a break and head back over to Portillos. I'm developing quite the addiction for their burgers. 
We are pretty boring people. I did realize that when we rent movies/games from the library we really don't spend much for the weekend. Hmmmmmm, I think that I have the next few weekends planned. ;p
Please tell me that you had a wonderful weekend filled with action and intrigue? You have to be more exciting than we are!!
Sonya Ann


Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Action and intrigue I love the word intrigue it conjures up all sorts of mystery and mayhem. I'm still on Samos at the mo and last night we were woken up by loud piercing howling apparently it's a golden jackal I thought it was a werewolf but realised it wasn't a full moon so relaxed a bit. This is as exciting as it gets this weekend however we are so chilled out at the mo it was quite shocking lol

Elephant's Child said...

Very little action or intrigue on this side of the world. Last weekend - or ever really. I could totally rock Mastermind for boring people.

Rachel said...

Well in my little corner of the world, we took the kids apple picking on Saturday then had yummy Mexican food with my parents for dinner. I apparently overdid it because Sunday I was in pain and in bed most of the day (apparently not as healed as I thought I was). So very little action going on here.

SAM said...

I'd love a weekend with nothing to do but watch a freebie library movie or two. I am marking my calendar for October 8th!We have bunnies every where as well. I blame my brown thumb on them though-eat all my stuff.

Janie Junebug said...

Me toad outcutes yer bunny. AARR!


Practical Parsimony said...

Last weekend I could barely turn my head because of the pain from my eye that had the cataracts out. It was not the cataract surgery, it was the patch that caused the pain. I sleep with my left eye apparently rammed into the pillow! With the large plastic patch, I caused myself lots of pain. The skies were a glorious blue with the prettiest fluffy white clouds and temperature at 100 degrees. I barely felt the high temperature because the humidity was so low.