Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Duck And Weave Shopping

It was another fun and busy weekend. I have to say that its easier to do things without kids and their plans. I miss them but being a brat is fun.
Den only works half-days on Fridays so we went to the new Portillos in Gurnee. It was over the top good. Honestly, if you ever get a chance, go to Portillos!
You could spend hours looking at all of the decorations. Oh and another tip, go during off hours. Otherwise, its miserably crowded.
We also located a few garage sales. It's slim pickings anymore. Before we were able to spend all day just in Antioch going from sale to sale. Now we have to drive all over to find a few.
It wasn't a bad haul though. Weed killer, 2 candles, brass fittings(to be recycled), 4 silicone trays for homemade lotion(YAY!), a 4th of July serving tray, 5VHS tapes(Den thinks they are worth something. But I should shut up cuz that book he got is worth $250. Well, if he could find a buyer.) 5DVDs and a path maker. It was $13.50 for all of it.
It's going to be a very slow process for making a path if he only has one. I have the feeling that the path maker will be something else that takes up space in the garage.
Saturday, I got to dogsit Zeus. He's adorable and full of energy. I lucked out and just had to go my neighbor's house to watch him. Love dogs and all but I don't miss the mess.
We also closed the pool on Saturday. That is never fun. We normally get snippy with each other during this job and this year was no different. I blame Den. And I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he blames me for the misery. It's not a happy job. But it's not fun having to maintain a pool that is too cold to swim in so once it's closed everything goes back to normal.
Sunday, we went on a recon mission to find furniture for DJ's room. We went to Steinhafels first.
DJ's room is super small so we want a daybed that has a pullout under it and just a dresser. Which means we have to buy everything separate and that costs more.
It was $349 for just the bed there.
It was $299 for the same bed at Total Furniture just down the road. My thinking is lets just continue down the road until we get it for free. I have been told things don't work that way.
I was going to edit this picture and then decided that the sky looked awesome and you needed to see it. You are welcome!
Then we went to Hobo, the uber-cheap hardware store in the "duck and weave" neighborhood. We didn't find any daybeds that would work for us but they did have super cheap and semi-decent mattresses.
Den wanted to buy everything and get it done with but I felt as if we should hold off and see if anything else comes up. I think the cheap part of me was talking.
Sunday night, Den made rouladen cuz he had a hankerin' for it. Then we watched some of the movies that we got garage saling. We living the exciting life.
Anything happen in your part of the world? Did you dog sit? Did you have a hankerin' for anything? Ever been to Portillos?
No spender,
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

I have never even heard of Portillos, but then I am a thousand miles from you. That is quite a good haul! The path maker did not make a path for the last owner, not at all. If he starts and does a little at a time, soon you will have a path. I've always wanted one of those and someone to make the path.

slugmama said...

"I think the cheap part of me was talking."
No!.....really?!??? 8-P

Anne in the kitchen said...

"I think the cheap part of me was talking" I just love that quote. I am looking for a free new king size bed. I haven't found one of those either.

i have a friend who recently built a new home on acreage and needed substantial pathways. They used that and made one each time they surveyed the build. Of course they took a different six pack each time they went and stuck the bottle caps in random sections as they made them. It is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Even their friends and friends beer caps got in on the pathway action.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-I was thinking maybe we could add some stones or something!!!!! Great minds!!! Den would love the beer cap idea.

Cheapchick said...

The Mein Kampf book was worth over $250? I knew it! Very cool. I am with you on the VHS though, doubting the value lol. If you find anime DVDs those are worth money (I know that due to the garbage picker I have on my sidebar from Montreal, he found a box of ANIME Dvds and is still selling them - several hundred dollars made so far.

Treaders said...

I had to look up what a "pathmaker" was. Ahha, should be fun. Lovely puppy too. AAAAAHHHH I want one, but I can't because I'm still working. Later maybe. A

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Zeus looks a bit like my dog when he was a puppy who we sadly lost a couple of years ago. Indy was a German short haired pointer GSP what kind of dog is Zeus he's adorable? Makes me want another pup but not until I've stopped traveling.

Elephant's Child said...

'My thinking is lets just continue down the road until we get it for free. I have been told things don't work that way.'
They don't? Are you sure? Another of life's illusions shattered.

SAM said...

Gee, after I get all my junk gone, I can start garage saling and find treasures too. I'm trying to picture the beer caps in the path. I can't but I can appreciate the creative genius.

Michelle said...

I don't even know what a Portillos is, but I would hope they serve a good Margarita.

Sonya Ann said...

Wendy-I have no idea what kind of dog he is. I'm not good at that game. ;p
I'm sorry about your dog. I know how it hurts. We lost Thor years ago and it still upsets me.

Donna Freedman said...

I went to a Portillo's when I lived in Oak Park. Remember thinking that only in Chicago would you find a restaurant chain devoted to hot dogs. But I liked other stuff on the menu, too.

At some point I *will* come to visit and you and I can eat there. Dream big!

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-I don't think I can remember anyone getting a hot dog from there. How odd is that?
We have a few close so we can go to a couple!