Friday, September 30, 2016

Fabulous Friday

Sorry no link on this one!
How's this for a fabulous idea!?!?!? Decorate your window wells!!!! Now I need a house with window wells. Hmmmm, think I could add this to Den's to-do-list? I mean we live in a tri-level so we have windows downstairs. Think I could get him to dig one out and somehow add a well? Probably not. I lived in a house that had window wells and it was creepy. There were always dead frogs in it. Yuck.
What would you put in your well? Hey, would it work as a root cellar? What about a wine cellar? Any other ideas for it?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Do we live parallel lives, with yours being more fun than mine? I now live in a three level, with the lowest (the fun level that flooded) are ground level regular size windows. However, I too used to have the dead things in our little window wells, in our first little house-worst was finding the snake!

Janie Junebug said...

I grew up in a house with window wells. One night a cat sat in one of the wells and meowed so sadly that at first we didn't know what the noise could be. I think Den should definitely dig out a window well to create a wine cellar.


Cheapchick said...

A neat idea. We only had one home with window wells and it would be a lot nicer to look at that than the spiders that lived in ours. That home was older though and had tiny little windows so we really didn't look out of them much.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I actually have 2 of these in the basement. Maybe I should start thinking of something cool to do with them

Elephant's Child said...

Colour me ignorant. I had never even heard of window wells. And would vote for a wine cellar.

Donna Freedman said...

Starting plants in the spring?

Or throw a tarp over it and use it as temporary dead-body storage, until you can find a place that's more, uh, discreet.

Linda said...

This would make a good place to grow things in the winter or start plants in the spring. I would have to have a frame over these with 1/4 hardware cloth to keep things from going in and dying.

All my basement windows are well above ground level but set in a rock wall which would certainly hold heat for plants.

I think those are creepy windows because I always picture someone crawling in and being hidden when doing so. Thankfully, my basement is not accessible from the first floor!

The white painted window wells certainly make bugs and snakes visible.
Practical Parsimony

Michelle said...

This is a great idea for window wells.

spiffikins said...

We had a window well in the house I grew up in.

One fine summer's day, my youngest brother, (still in diapers, so 2-3 years old maybe?) was playing by himself outside, quietly (should have been our FIRST clue)

After a while, I said to my mother "why is the water running?" From in the family room you could hear if the outside tap/hose was running - and it had been running for a while...

We ran outside to see what little brother was doing with the water - he was ALWAYS getting into water - and he was happily standing by the window well, hose in hand, filling it up, "to make a pool"

Needless to say, the window was NOT watertight to that degree and we had a pretty major amount of water damage in the basement.