Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fishing Chore

Ahhhh, Den loves me. Or he thinks that I am incompetent. Probably the latter.
He went fishing last week and left me tons of leftovers and he set them on top of my liquor so I would find it. He's funny.
While Den was gone, the basil contracted a fungus and all was lost. This made me incredibly sad. And I can't plant in the same spot for a few years. Hmmmmm, things are going to get shifted around next year.
Poor Den, his fishing trip was pretty much ruined by bad weather. His parents went up there but they were staying at the casino every night. Den had some free nights too and booked them just so he could shower. He ended up staying every night there and then coming home early because it was rained out. That said, he did pretty well at that casino. He came home with $120 after paying for the camp site that he didn't use plus all the drinks. I'm hoping that they will send him more free nights and we could go up there for a cheap getaway.
And while Den was gone, I went to a local pizza place that has a few penny machines. It is near a grocery store that I don't normally frequent but they had some awesome deals so I popped over. I, being me, started talking to everyone there. I cracked a joke about how I was supposed to be grocery shopping instead of gambling. They laughed and then this sweet little old lady said to me, Honey, we are all supposed to be grocery shopping. It seems that I was the last man out on the joke. Perhaps that is why some women are spending $200/week on groceries.
With Den gone, I didn't have a time limit on my errands. I drove to a Goodwill that is about 45 minutes from me(it's in a posh neighborhood). SCORE!! 5 shirts, 4 smelly jars and one small jar that I will use for my potions. ;p Not bad for $30.68
I also tackled the mess on the back of DJ's door and fixed his shelf. After Anna left, I went through her room and changed it to be more adult-like. And I was going for that with DJ's room. Git er done probably isn't that mature. That was my BIL and SIL's sign from DJ's high school graduation. I saved it though. I'm thinking they will need it again when he graduates from college.
Much better!!!
There isn't a before picture of the shelf because it was empty. Oh and ignore the gun, its coming down.
Hard to believe but this little project took a lot of time. But I'm happy with it.  Now I just need to paint and buy furniture.
Den ended up coming home late Saturday night. He was pretty disgusted because of the lack of fishing on his fishing trip. So Sunday morning, I tried to cheer him up by finding chores for him.
Taking down all the pool crap was probably not a way to bring joy to his life.
I'm always so sad to see all the stuff gone.
It's a ton of work too. You got the easy part just scroll down. But for me, it was hours. I tried to get Den to close the pool too but he wasn't having it. Lazy git!
Oh and during my long weekend off from Den, I managed to clean all of the carpets too. I'm so damned boring. But I did get Chinese food so that helped.
Were you boring? Did you cheer someone up with a chore list?
Not fishing,
Sonya Ann


Elephant's Child said...

You are so kind.
I try and set chore lists but my partner is an expert at the art of selective deafness.

Michelle said...

Goodwill stores in posh neighborhoods are the best!

SAM said...

Hah-$200 weekly grocery shops! No slots here, but I know some scratch card junkies that blow a good wad of grocery money.

Cheapchick said...

Too bad about Den's fishing trip but good that he brought home money! My hubby is type A, usually he has the chore list and wants to involve me. Last weekend we spent 2 hours putting up a shelf (seriously stupid shelf) in the laundry/pantry and another 3 hours on Sunday chopping down/cleaning up our bushes around the house. I wish he knew how to freaking relax without going away. If he suggests chores this weekend I am getting in the car and driving away...will be back Sunday night :)