Sunday, September 25, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday!!!!

Ahhhh, another Penny Hoarder post!!!! Go read this post and then come back and comment about all the areas for improvement!!! $153.68 for one person and a dog is crazy money for the week. I do like though that she is completely honest about it and then gives links to other articles for saving money. Den and I aren't spending that much a week for both of us and two cats and that would include our liquor bill which is quite extensive. ;p
What do you think? Cut the Quest bars?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

My son spends over 50% on himself for groceries as I do for the three of us, including school lunches. he eats much the same way, though he does a lot of beans and brown rice. Those with super high metabolisms, limit their simple carbs, and are trying to gain or maintain muscle will spend more if they don;t have a lot fo inexpensive sides bulking up their meals. It isn't quite as bad as she says her Quest and dog food is one time per month. Take those off, and hse would be in the $200 range month-still a lot, but considering her diet.

Practical Parsimony said...

Diet, Quest bars, and dog food aside, she still leaves me cold. Who spends $1.72 on one onion and is so glib about it? Publix is not the place to spend less on groceries. It is not the only place with fabulous vegetables. She is very privileged to be able to spend money on Quest bars and laugh about it. I have been to that site before, but I think I will avoid it from now on. If sluggy can shop like she does, so can this ****.

I eat lots of protein and try to limit carbs. I have lost much weight before and did not have to break the bank to maintain the loss. Of course, injuries and limiting my energy output put the weight back on. But, that is not the point right now.

So, she gives us sites to help us but cannot use them herself? Ooops, forgot my coupon. Not funny, but she seems to think so. Even using the coupons and deals she did not would still leave a hefty grocery bill. I would rather read sluggy. She is real. She obviously has the financial ability to spend so much more than she does without causing her family financial distress. However, she saves every bit she can and still feeds her family well...well, what bf eats is not on her, her choice.

It's just me and a chicken here. But, I spend about $60/month.

Cheapchick said...

Not much you can do about the dog food, but it seems likely she could save a bunch of money off just by shopping at 2 stores, 1 for the dog and one for everything else. The easiest way is for her to scope out who has best meat and veggie deals - and skip the protein bars. But hey, everyone has a vice and that is likely hers. Mine is cider :) And Chapmans frozen chocolate an cherry yogurt (called Black Jack Cherry). Yes, I forget to use coupons and I pack them in my purse too. I use a points card. I actually have a budget and stick to it but don't meal plan more than 1 day in advance as hubby likes to choose what we eat in the morning (I give him two choices of things I have on hand). When you live and work from home sometimes a choice is a good thing.

Elephant's Child said...

She is pretty much the poster queen for do as I say not as I do it seems.

Jill said...

When she said she didn't meal plan or use coupons she lost me midway... lol... I like my plan better :-)
Have a great evening!