Monday, September 12, 2016

Math Sleeper

This isn't a sponsored post, darn it. This is just me blathering on. You should be used to it by now. Anywho, Den has been pestering me for My Pillow pillows. The A.M. station that he listens to(Yes, he is an old fart! I don't even listen to A.M. radio yet.) goes on and on about these pillows. Maybe if I go on and on he will eventually buy me an Audi. Think it will work?
Out of the packaging, they were flat and lumpy.
After 20 minutes in the dryer, they were fluffed up and still lumpy. I have to say they are like no other pillow. I wasn't sold until I slept on it. They are so supportive, you can feel your neck relax as soon as you lay down. And it has helped with Den's snoring SO SO SO MUCH. Den and I still wear the snore guards. And now that he is using this pillow, he isn't waking me up with his snoring. I even forgot to use ear plugs. Honestly, we are quite the sight at night.
I never would have purchased these pillows if it wasn't for Den and his complaining nagging talking about them. It was $116.82 for both of them. That is a lot of money. But just cutting down on Den's snoring was worth it.
Aren't you glad that I didn't write about my Norwex cloths? But I still love them too.
Have you ever gotten sucked into buying something like this? Did it work out? Are you bad at math?
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

I see those all the time on late night/early morning TV. They have 30 minute ads....grrrr. I have not been sold on the guy's hype since he is loud and strident. However, your recommendation means something. Stopping snoring is tops for me. I don't snore. But, I vowed long ago, I would never sleep in the same room with a man who snored and kept me awake.

On TV they were offering a second pillow free if you bought one RIGHT NOW.

Practical Parsimony said...

Sonya Ann,
Pepcid is one of the meds that has aluminum in it. It has been implicated in dementia. You and I need all our brain cells. Seriously, I have a friend whose husband used otc med for reflux, a med with aluminum. He now has dementia. These people are richer than god and cut costs and cost him his cognitive function. Check it out and go to a gastroenterologist. As it turns out, leaving off wheat makes in unnecessary to take anything for reflux.

Elephant's Child said...

Anything which stops snoring is worth several arms and legs. Not mine, but still...

SAM said...

Curious if the $116 includes the "free" pillow? I may spring for them-we both toss and turn at night, and anything that helps sleep and saves divorce is a bargain.

Anne in the kitchen said...

We each sleep with 3 pillows. At 116 x 3 we just can't afford to be that comfortable

Sonya Ann said...

SAM-Yes, the $116 is for both pillows, shipping and tax. They really are amazing. But oddly lumpy.

Practical Parsimony said...

I saw the commercial for the pillows again. With a code you can get a second pillow if you buy the first one. I forgot the code, but if you never see these commercials, I can write it down next time. Maybe they will honor the code, even late.

Donna Freedman said...

I heard a commercial for orthotics on an FM channel -- and a classical music FM channel at that. For a couple of years I had been experiencing moderate to severe pain from plantar fasciitis. One day I took a walk in the evening and was seriously afraid on the way home that I wouldn't be able to MAKE it home. Yes, my feet hurt that badly.

So off to the orthotics store. The saleswoman warned me that some people found them uncomfortable at first -- "like a golf ball under your instep" -- but that over time you got used to them. She put them in my shoes and had me walk around the store.

"How's that foot pain?" she asked.

"WHAT foot pain?" I replied. Yes, it was that frickin' miraculous. The pain was completely gone.

A different form of pain erupted a moment later when she cited the price. I've blocked the details but let's say that it was in the several-hundred-dollar range for the two pairs of inserts and some shoe liners. I felt faint, until I realized: YOU CANNOT WALK! THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Still using them eight years later and they show no signs of wearing out the way the over-the-counter variety do. My feet no longer hurt. And yes: Totally worth it.