Saturday, September 3, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

So I have to fess up to what I accomplished this week. I didn't end up in jail so that's a plus.
This week I did a lot of the normal chores that I usually do or that have been neglected for a while. The yard/pool has been sucking up quite a bit of time. We will be closing the once again cloudy pool in a few weeks. The end of the summer is here. I'm always sad when it goes.
Oh, I went with my MIL and got my toes did. It was her treat and she took me out to lunch. I'm a brat.
Both of my kids had a slight breakdown at the same time. LOL. Being a grownup isn't easy. Anna has some students in her class that have been kicked out of a few schools. She asked a few times for help from the office and got no response. So she started sending kids to the office. Things are getting a bit better. DJ is adjusting to his roomies. Living with others can be difficult. And he is working for a photo studio. Adulting is never easy.
I'm closing in on the credit card debt(car debt actually that I put on the cc at 0%) and pretty soon I will be bulking up the savings. This will be a huge burden lifted.
I'm trying to get the food bill under control. Both freezers are stuffed and we need to eat them down. This problem is a blessing.
Life isn't too bad around here. Den will be off next week and is going fishing mid-week. Yup, I'll be a single lady soon enough.
And my favorite person is Ozzie!!! I'm dog sitting again. I never mind watching him but I ask that he is bathed before he is dropped off. Donna asked with a laugh if her dog smelled. Yes, a bit like a dog. I have been asked not to overfeed him. I asked, how many boxes of treats does he get a day? It's a good question.
Ozzie loves me. Whenever Donna walks him passed my house, he cries and runs toward the house. Donna said one day she was mid-step and he yanked the leash to get to our house. She was pulled off balance and almost went under a passing bus. She wasn't happy with him that day. I thought it was quite funny. Hey, if he is willing to kill his master to get a treat from me, that shows who he really loves.
Do you have plans this weekend? Are you pulling someone under a bus?
Doggy lover,
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

I have plans when The Dog Whisperer goes off--farmer's market, fabric store, and yard sales as long as I can stand and walk.

Cheapchick said...

Have some great alone time! Dogs are wonderful, especially when smelling fresh and clean lol. I get more exercise because of Buddy, never a bad thing. Ah family timing. This week my stepdaughter broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years (finally yay!), misses us, stepson #2 rearended someone and totalled his vehicle. No one is injured but now he is without vehicle and his job ends in about a month. Plus his insurance is going up. And oh yeah, my Mother in law broke her hip yesterday, is awaiting surgery as I am writing this and can no longer go back to her unit as her care is beyond her current living arrangement due to progression of her alzheimers. Sometimes adulting totally sucks. Just waiting for shoe to drop on other 2 kids and my mother.

slugmama said...

We got some possible good news about our second house, which may ultimately turn out to be bad news or no news. sigh

I'll be excavating College Boy's room this long weekend and organizing/cleaning the garage too if my legs/back hold out.

Elephant's Child said...

If anyone had told me just how messy, confusing, and hard work being an adult was I would have opted out a long time ago.

SAM said...

Didn't accomplish nearly as much as I should, but heard a great story from one of DH's aunt (who is only a few years older than him) about the time she got arrested in high school for throwing eggs. I have a brother who has had a few run ins, but I've no stories to tell either.