Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

It was a getting back in the swing of things sort of week. It feels as if I haven't been in a groove since before DJ got home. Den was back to work this week and I finally got back to working on my books. I missed that and for some reason my mind always feels more settled and stable. Once I get my ideas out, I have clarity.
I've got the car bill under $900. This whole thing was a refresher course for me in being broke. Maybe I just needed a reminder. Mind you, I'll be happy when its paid off. I'm not going to bring up the fact that I am going to need a new van soon. Ol' Girl is having some issues. Before she only opened and closed her doors, changed radio stations and acted crazy when it was cold, now her electrical problems are all the time. I'm not even going to bring up the fact that we need a new garage door, bedroom furniture for DJ's room, and Christmas is coming up and I have like $15 in my savings for that holiday. Nope, not talking about it. ;p
And our favorite person for the today is One Hundred Dollars a Month!!!!! Pop over there and read about all of the deals going on!
Did you ever have a refresher course in bills? Do you have a crazy ass car that fucks with you at every turn? Are you close to paying something off?
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

My car had a recall a few years back. While they fixed it, blinkers, they did something that makes it go "ding, ding, ding" for about thirty minutes or more at a time. I had to drive it to Atlanta with in dinging all the way. The dealer refuses to fix that!

Since I got it in 2002, the key would just fall out once in a while. It turns out that has killed people. But, I am afraid to take it in for repair, fearing what they will do to it.

The door thing that holds it open broke, so it crashes into my leg. NOW, the door does not close well. I have to open it, sometimes driving, and slam it to shut it.

Elephant's Child said...

We had a car which had the delightful habit of flinging its bonnet (hood) open as we drove along...

Anne in the kitchen said...

I had an evil car once that would only act up ( stop dead in its tracks) when I was driving it. When TheHub drove it was all fine. He didn't believe me until one day, when we swapped carsfor a week and it finally did the same to him. We got a new (new used) car the next day.

SAM said...

We seem to get either cars that run for eons like our Equinix w over 180,000 and other than breaks and oil change minimal extra care. Or we get lemons like the awful minimal that was always in shop and 100,000 put it over.