Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Hard to believe but I went weeks without drinking. What's wrong with me?
This is probably the saying of every frugal person, right? It's a sin to waste.
This one made me laugh and then think about Grandpa Mott. Ok, never repeat this but Den's Grandpa got shit faced and drove his car onto a peer. It was teetering on the edge. He was lucky he didn't go in. Yeah, he didn't have a license for a long time.  Seriously, don't repeat that one.
I know people that say that about me! I don't get offended, I agree.
Ok, spill what's the craziest family story that you have? Look, I need leverage over you.
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

If people in my family got caught doing what they did, they would have gone to prison. Oh, wait. My preacher uncle was ministering to a woman one day and is still in jail for rape. But, I won't tell you the worst thing he ever did. Hey, you can tell the world, no leverage for this story.

No, we were not close as my mother refused to leave us alone with him....hint, hint. She heard true tales.

Rachel said...

Hmm.. craziest family story....well I had a great uncle in Tennessee (where my mom is from) whose wife wanted him to build them a house (which he did for a living). Well he dug out the basement, went on a drinking binge, argued with his wife, and then decided to put a roof on it and that was her house. No indoor plumbing, or anything. The last time we visited him, he was still living in his basement house, his wife was living with her kids (whose nicknames were Fat and Slim) in the next town over. We arrived on a Sunday morning and he was on his way to the drive through to get his beer for the day.

Actually most of my crazy stories are about my relatives in Tennessee. My great aunt, lived on the top of a mountain in a shack with cardboard ceilings. She was so thrilled when we showed up to show my grandmother that she finally had electricty to run one light bulb in her living room and to run a refrigerator. When we opened her fridge all she had in there was 3-24 packs of Mountain Dew.

SAM said...

I think that must be my guardian angel as well. The poor cherub.

Janie Junebug said...

When my mom visited me thirty years ago after my daughter was born, I asked her to draw a family tree and write down some information about her family. She pointed to one woman's name and said, SHE ran away with the milkman and no one ever spoke to her again.

We're a wild and crazy bunch.


Elephant's Child said...

My family is boring. Or skilled liars.
That said, the first time my partner's parents saw me I was splattered in cow manure and punching their son in the stomach.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Supposedly my great grandfather fled Germany after killing someone. At least that is the rumor in the family

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

I always wanted a cosmopolitan family never got it until now my mum at 86 has buggered of to Italy with her next door neighbour and is having a fab time he is 87 lol. I think it's great. My family were dull when I was growing up although I did used to practice yoga with my dad as a child.

Sonya Ann said...

GOOD GRIEF, these are some of the best stories ever!!! I love your guys!!(yes, I say guys instead of everyone. I'm from Chicago!)
Rachel-You win!
Elephant's Child-I laughed and laughed over that comment.
Anne-Hmmmmmm, do you ever feel like killing someone?