Friday, October 28, 2016

Fabulous Friday

LOOK AT THIS!!! NO, LOOK AT IT!!! This is the best thing ever. At first, I was thinking I need these for the yard for Halloween, please don't bring up the fact that we really don't have any big trees. Now after spending a huge amount of time checking out Street Art Utopia, I now know that I have a ton more projects for the yard. We might have to move to a more wooded area and have a house with a ton of stairs. I need people climbing up every stair. EVER DAMNED STAIR! The house also has to have a stop sign in it and perhaps a brick wall. I'm not sure if we need a McDonalds sign or not in our new house.
Maybe I am the problem in our house. Nope, never.
Do you have faces on your trees? Do you need faces on your trees? Who's with me on adorable little black cutout people for the stairs? Wait what about elves for Christmas?
Many projects,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I don't know whether you need to drink more or less....lolz

You need to come stay with me for awhile. I am very entertaining and I can keep you from doing projects. I'll even get life threatening hives for you. See? I am very accommodating.

McVal said...

Those shadow people are adorable!

And I need faces on our trees... hmmm...

Cheapchick said...

Love that, but my trees have spindly little arms not big trunks so no go here. Probably wouldn't work on rhododendrums either :)

Linda said...

I have wanted a Green Man for my trees. I have huge oaks and hickory, so this will work for me. Now, I need to run so I can look at that link.

Elephant's Child said...

I love street art. Even the pieces I don't.
And no projects is a much less tiring proposition. I enjoy looking at OTHER people's work.

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